Brand Clarity

The brand clarity package is for those looking to start their brand on their own, but needs a little bit of creative clarity. We walk through brand strategy, visuals for social media and find your place in the market. All full brand design projects start with this step. Please inquire for full pricing guide.

One week plus process 

+ add ons: naming, brand strategy
+ for those who are not looking at hiring someone YET for design, this is the path for you. Start with getting true clarity on where you need to position yourself in the market. A visual strategy and brand clarity could skyrocket your business even without a full brand/site design.

Brand Clarity and Strategy for Creatives

branding design

Branding is the cornerstone of the studio here. We believe in not just providing designs you like, but are crafted to not only work in today's market, but grow with your business. Every part of our design process is designed custom with your business in mind. Each branding design comes with a full brand guideline PDF, color palette, main logo plus alternate logos, and any custom textures or patterns. Please inquire for full pricing.


+ includes brand strategy (above)
+ our branding design includes the signature brand clarity process above, and the dives deep into the full brand presentation. 
+ we develop a full brand, logo, sub logos, color, typography hierarchy, icons, patterns, and visual strategy so you can start your path with a toolbox full of items to showcase your business.
+ all brand design work includes all vector files, and a pdf guide to help you use all items (we call this a brand guideline).

custom high-end squarespace design

We design exclusively on the Squarespace platform. We provide the highest quality designs, as well as expertise in complex and crafted sites on the platform. We believe that you deserve all the details of a custom site, without the custom hassle. For us that meld of custom + carefree resides in their easy to use platform. Each site is designed with custom css to provide you a unique site, without the DIY Squarespace feel. We use a signature and custom design process for Squarespace Design, we'd love to show you more! Site designs range from 2800-5k depending on features needed and customized designs. Inquire to see full pricing. 

With a Meg Summerfield Squarespace site, you are NOT just getting a "pretty version of a normal SS site. You get a web strategy and web expertise that allows your business to grow and flourish. We love a pretty web design, but it has to FUNCTION and grow with your business. Throw away the idea that if your website is "pretty" that you will make more money" it comes with true web strategy and planning.


+ includes brand strategy and brand clarity (above)
+ web strategy process including, sitemapping, strategy design, wireraming, mockups and more. What a true web design process needs to not just be pretty but also grow your business!
+ custom squarespace sites are quoted upon request, when inquiring think about what kind of functionality your site needs plus the amount of pages and design that you want to include.

Squarespace Design for Entrepreneurs

Print Design, Art Direction and More

The cornerstone of a great brand doesn't end at your final website and brand guide. We work with brands on creating that custom look for your company. From printed materials, templates for your in-house designers, art direction for brands as well as photo styling and design mentorship for your brand we have done it all and will create a custom package for your project. Please inquire for full pricing.

custom quotes and timelines

+ pdf design, newsletter design, custom illustration
+ art direction and photoshoot planning, including hiring of photographers, site scouting and more. We have a TON of experience in this realm since Meg's background was desingning within the photography and fashion world before starting the studio.